What transpires
Audio library and installation, 2019

Our bodies can be considered as containers traversed by foreign energies, filters that take in the world and create corporeal landscapes in response. Today, various phenomena overwhelm our bodies and challenge the promise of a harmonious relation with our surroundings: pollution and climate change, sensory overload and the psychopolitics of attention… They call for reflection upon and experimentation with the future of our sensorium. How much can we take in? Are we fit to develop antidotes, resilience and new attentional practices?
This audio library with lectures on the future of our sensorium (Intoxications – Intrusions – Matterings) was installed in a sauna, as an invitation to visitors to literally sweat out the theoretical overload they were taking in.
What transpires was created for A Long Lasting Affair, the German dance congress curated by Meg Stuart at Hellerau, Dresden, 5-10 June 2019. In collaboration with Sandra Blatterer (lighting) and Sofie Durnez (scent).
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