We don’t know what free jazz is
Artist book and activations by Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer and Jeroen Peeters, 2015

A double album with a facsimile of 48 collages, photographs and handwritten texts and playlists documenting a series of ‘free jazz sessions’. These sessions started at Wohnung Miryam Van Doren in Vienna in July 2011 and became a regular working method after. In durational performances in someone’s studio, a DJ would be playing free jazz records and create a musical environment prompting the collective creation of conversations, songs and dances, as well as experimental writing. How to collectively improvise a book on improvisation, making use of writing constraints and scores?
We don’t know what free jazz is was created by Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer and Jeroen Peeters in April 2015. The launches activated the book with DJ sets, performance, film and conversation.
Published by WTKB Editions, Vienna
First edition, November 2015
48 pages, 31 x 31 cm, stapled and held in a double record sleeve
45 copies
Cover woodprint by Roland Rauschmeier
Book launch at Brew, Brussels, 16 February 2016
Book launch at WTKB Atelier, Vienna, 20 November 2015
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