The elusive eloquence of dozing off
Lecture-performance and publication, 2019

A musing on various kinds of literature that don’t quite make it to the printed page. When invited to contribute an essay on artist Mette Edvardsen’s library of living books Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine, Peeters replied that he didn’t have the time for this, as he was too busy following various characters in novellas by the Argentine writer César Aira, and ended up embracing their exploration of the art of not writing.
A version of the text is published in Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine: On reading, writing, memory and forgetting in a library of living books (Mousse, 2019) by Mette Edvardsen et al.
Lecture-performance at the Apples & Oranges artists’ publications and multiples fair, C-Mine, Genk, 2 October 2021.
Lecture-performance at the Art Book Fair Berlin organized by Friends With Books, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, 21 September 2019.
Lecture-performance at Index Foundation, Stockholm, 21 February 2019.
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