Artist book, 2022

This publication extracts the many literary mottos of And then it got legs and explores their promise as a separate collection. ‘They’re part of a growing collection of quotes and authors I’ve been carrying with me for years, slipping in and out of projects and texts, nurturing the imagination and practices of readership,’ Peeters writes in an essay on the role of epigraphs in his writerly and dramaturgical practice. Literary quotes have density and suggestive power, they inspire different resonances when embedded in a new context while maintaining a gravity of their own. Produced as an A4-size zine on a photocopier, the form of Epigraphy embraces xeroxing as a method of lifting text fragments from books, followed by cutting and pasting those snippets to embed them in a performance or a textual landscape.
Epigraphy was published by MDT Stockholm on 11 November 2022 on the occasion of a book launch of And then it got legs: Notes on dance dramaturgy.
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