Dramaturgy and collaboration

Since 2001 Jeroen Peeters has been working as a dramaturg in the field of contemporary dance and performance. This includes collaborations with artists such as Eleanor Bauer, Sabina Holzer, Martin Nachbar, Colette Sadler, Meg Stuart and Damaged Goods, and Jozef Wouters. Since 2006 Peeters has regularly taught dramaturgy workshops in various art schools. Although these collaborations are not documented here, they have nurtured his book And then it got legs: Notes on dance dramaturgy (2022).

Collaboration and conversation take on many forms and guises. Here are some links to discover the work of various artists and researchers who are travel companions: Sandra Blatterer, Julien Bruneau, deufert+plischke, Mette Edvardsen, Nikolaus Gansterer, Jack Hauser, Anne Juren, Heike Langsdorf, Sara Manente, Eric Thielemans, Kristof Van Gestel, David Weber-Krebs.

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