Critical Writing

As a dance and performance critic, Jeroen Peeters has published countless reviews, essays and interviews for the Flemish newspapers Financieel-Economische Tijd (1999-2001) and De Morgen (2003-2005) as well as in specialized media such as Etcetera, De Witte Raaf, Corpus and Dance Theatre Journal. These also include essays on visual arts, music, film, art theory and philosophy in various media and books. Recurring themes in these writings are spectatorship, embodied knowledge, material literacy and sustainable development. Peeters’s collaborations in the performing arts have also spurred on an interest in documenting the ‘languages of making’, leading to writings and dialogical projects that combine a focus on method with an anthropological sensitivity.
The majority of these writings is collected and contextualized on Sarma.
Selective bibilography
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